Meet the faces behind Bula Market.

Varo & Manu
Kaitu’u & Mena (Our partners)

We’ve all come a long way from being work colleagues to having our paths crossed one way or the other.

We’re forever grateful to our partners & developers of the site, Kaitu’u & Mena Anise, for making this project happen, to our vendors onboard and the many customers (locally & global) who have been purchasing supporting our local vendors.

We look forward to the inclusion of many vendors in different categories bringing this platform as a one stop shop concept.

We’re also looking forward to future projects in the pipeline under the Bula Market Investments banner as well.

Dec 2018 Concept submitted through a Start Upper Challenge
Thought Project

This multi vendor platform concept, was submitted as an idea for a Start Upper challenge in late December, 2018 making it to the top 15 over 100+ applicants.  Early 2019, the same idea was submitted for the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme which did not qualify as well.

Disappointed, we let the idea rest for a while moving onto other ventures keeping in the back of our minds that this is something we would implement "someday" when we had the funds to purchase a ready made platform that would be of an investment to make.

May 2021 Initiation Concept
The Plan

1st of May 2021, an article in the Samoan Observer caught my eye with the same concept of this idea but in a different way. Lo & behold! This idea sprang back to life 😃 & also thanks to Dr. Fong's advise - stay at home and shop online!

May 2021 Multivendor Platform
Bula Market Investment

The launch of our multivendor marketplace that focuses on assisting SMEs/MSMEs who wish to venture into the online space without having to spend on creating individual websites that can be costly.